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Selling Your Business

One of the most important decisions an owner will make is the decision to sell their business.  The sale of a business is often complicated by variables such as timing, tax implications, partnerships and market conditions to name a few.  What we bring to the table is the ability to help guide you to a decision you feel good about in the long term.  We have navigated the process many times and we guarantee 100% trust and confidence in the advice we provide.  We have built a network of qualified buyers and we know how to keep the transaction confidential.  We also provide our clients with a foolproof valuation and our unique marketing strategy delivers higher values.  Most importantly we get the deal done.  Please contact us for a confidential discussion to learn additional details about our process.

Buying a business

The purchase of a business is an exciting time for an owner and their company. Growth is good! But remember, buyer beware. Exploring the purchase of a business has many facets. How do I find the right business? How do I value the business knowing there are most likely other suitors? How much cash will be needed to complete the purchase? Will my bank support the purchase with a loan? What happens to my working capital needs? How do I protect myself from legal pitfalls?

The Cetane buyers program is tailored to get you through the process and helps you make the right decision, even if the decision is not to buy.

The program can take you from soup to nuts or help with a single aspect of the purchase. We will work with you to show you how to find a company. We will then work with you to value the assets, negotiate an offer, perform due diligence, close the transaction and transition the business successfully.

Strategic Planning

You probably have the plan in your head. It’s your company and you believe you know what has to be done to improve certain aspects of your business. You have read about successes other companies have had and you have seen where you want to improve, but you just have not gotten around to implementing the programs you want and need. If this sounds like you, we can help, guaranteed.

Strategy: Your Company’s plan to achieve its goals through analyzing your business, determining your vision, identifying steps needed to achieve the vision and by creating and implementing a comprehensive plan.

From simple projects to complete business planning and analysis, we help guide businesses through the process and make sure the project is implemented and is successful. We guarantee the results. Contact us to learn more.

Business Valuations

Business valuations are required in many instances such as estate planning, acquisition funding, bankruptcies, litigation, divorce, and for other financial reasons. Our detailed valuations examine the entire business and have been used by many owners as budgeting and process improvement tools. Our “Valuation Plus” program will also supply benchmark data to compare your results to other businesses in your industry.

Cash Flow Modeling and Management

Cash is the life blood of a business and a healthy cash flow will help businesses grow and prosper. Cash flow has never been more important than now. Sustained high product costs and tightened credit terms by your bank and suppliers is providing greater challenges to your day to day operation. Understanding cash flow requirements is a basic aspect to running a healthy business.

We help you measure it so you can manage it. Cetane Associates provides companies with accurate cash flow models to help with recapitalization efforts or to just better your current cash position. In addition to providing accurate projections, we point out areas and techniques for improving cash flow.

Contact us to discuss your needs for understanding your cash flow better or for preparing cash flow models needed for banking transactions.

Bankruptcy & Turnaround Specialist

Steven Abbate, Cetane’s President, has been recognized as an authorized appraiser of home energy companies by the United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York. In addition, he has been recognized as an expert witness in home energy company valuations by the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Connecticut.

Mr. Abbate has been involved in the following home energy bankruptcy cases:
Hunts Point Fuel Corp. – No. 09-15227
Brite Fuel Oil Corp – No. 09-15730
KF Liquidating (Kasden Fuels) – No. 10-21973
Getty Petroleum Marketing Inc. – Case No. 11-15606
C.F. Oil, Inc. – Case No. 11-21430

As a Turnaround specialist, Mr. Abbate is most noted in the home energy industry for the work done with The Kasden Fuel Company. A day before the company was to close the doors, Mr. Abbate was brought in to salvage the operations and bring the company back to profitability. The company survived and was sold for several million dollars a few months after he assumed management of the business.