When Accuracy and Credibility Matter

Unlike many industries, there are few public comparisons in propane and heating oil that can provide credible foundations for assessing the real value of a given company in a given marketplace. This causes most valuations done by generalists to widely miss the mark in their home services industry conclusions.

Cetane Associates has been involved in so many acquisitions in this space and received so many offers, our proprietary database of comps that can be applied with great confidence. We’re not making “educated guesses” at values. We’re applying reality.Our team includes a chartered financial analyst and an analyst certified by U.S. Bankruptcy Courts for valuing propane and heating oil businesses. Time after time, our work has been scrutinized by banks, other lenders, bankruptcy courts and partners and has held up exceptionally well. It gives you and your stakeholders confidence in knowing that what you’re seeing is what your business is really worth. And you can trust that your information will be held in strictest confidence.

Why Do a Valuation—Even If You Don’t Have To?

There are obvious trigger events that prompt companies to seek valuations, including:

  • partnership buy/sell agreements that require regular valuations
  • transition planning for owners and their families
  • changing corporate structure
  • buying a company and wanting to be sure you are paying what it’s worth
  • divorce and estate planning

Companies also ask us to do valuations simply to understand the patterns in their business that are increasing or decreasing their value. Sometimes this is in anticipation of a sale a few years later; sometimes it’s to increase profits now.

Because of our experience in the home services industries, our valuations often provide “planning road maps” that companies use to identify areas of strength and weakness. Our reports help them understand their business from a different perspective, so they can prioritize the right areas to increase financial value. Our suggestions for ways to improve are a unique value-add.

Interested in finding out what a Cetane Associates valuation entails? Contact us now for a confidential conversation.

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Steve, thanks for the great work on the business valuation. Some of the benchmarking work you did was eye opening and not only have you succeeded to let us know a true value of the business, the valuation pointed out areas where our business can improve.

— Craig Snyder, BantamWesson Energy, Waterbury, CT