After the Sale, what are they doing now

No one can predict the future and when it comes time for an owner to sell their company and move on to the next chapter in their life, it is a big step for them and their families. I caught up with some owners who sold their business and asked them their thoughts on looking […]

10 X E.B.I.T.D.A

After years of preaching that companies can’t be valued by the gallon, owners are beginning to grasp the idea that companies are valued based on return on investment, usually in the form of a multiple of EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization) AKA: Cash Flow or Operating Income. The valuation buzz at propane […]

How Many Stars do you Have?

Over the last few years I find myself purchasing more items online. Amazon knows me well and with two-day free shipping, I hardly go to the store anymore to pick up something other than groceries or a card for my wife’s birthday (which is usually the next day). Before I make my choice online I […]

After the Sale, what are they doing now

Dick Gower (Miracle Man), White Fuel Company, providence, RI No one can predict the future. Dick would never have imagined that he would almost die while taking a walk by the beach. Thanks to a series of miracles, Dick is still with us today. I called Dick to catch up after working with him ten […]

Walt Disney and the Grim Reaper

As a general rule, no one likes change, however in the words of the 5th century philosopher Heraclitus “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”. When a company is sold, both owners and employees are inevitably faced with change. How people address change is the key to success. I like to think of is […]

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We were very pleased to have such a knowledgeable and experienced company in our corner with the team at Cetane. It was obvious that they knew the best process and how to get the ball over the goal line. Their advice throughout the process was greatly appreciated and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

— Steve Lombardi, Brodeur’s Oil, Moosup, CT