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Early in 2020, Cetane’s Nancy Coop started a human interest column in BPN (Butane-Propane News). Modeled after the familiar “Heard on the Street” interview, Nancy sent questions to a group of propane colleagues who replied by e-mail. The monthly questions and responses were published in BPN and appear here verbatim. It’s an uncommon insight into colleagues’ honest replies to provocative questions.

What do you wish you had more time to do?

As it sometimes happens, I pose questions which I don’t have a ready answer for myself. And, as usual, once our colleagues begin to send their answers, the ideas come streaming in or I find myself relating closely with a few that help me focus on my own priorities. Since we all have exactly the […]

What’s the most important risk you took and why?

In my experience, businesspeople tend to be risk takers. Not all the replies below have to do with business but the idea of getting near the edge of the cliff and taking a leap of faith is inherent in each of this month’s responses. What does it take for you to move outside your comfort […]

If you weren’t already in this business, would you enter it today?

Has the headline question crossed your mind? The industry colleagues listed below took the challenge and replied with their thoughtful and honest answers. We are all in this propane space on one level or another, working toward a future that holds promise, sustainability, and profitability. We recognize the challenges and reap the benefits of the […]

What one thing makes you most proud?

This question holds promise to reveal a side of industry leaders that we may not know exists. Professional achievements are one respected measure of pride and here we learn other aspects of their lives that help put life into perspective. This group of individuals offers their thoughts of what makes them most proud either at […]

What is your big bold goal in 2021?

Every month our responders are asked to be bold in their replies. Appropriate for the start of a new year and during a peculiar time when making plans can be a gamble, this month we seek to learn what their personal or business goals are that they truly want to tackle head on…even during a […]

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We were very pleased to have such a knowledgeable and experienced company in our corner with the team at Cetane. It was obvious that they knew the best process and how to get the ball over the goal line. Their advice throughout the process was greatly appreciated and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

— Steve Lombardi, Brodeur’s Oil, Moosup, CT