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What one thing makes you most proud?

This question holds promise to reveal a side of industry leaders that we may not know exists. Professional achievements are one respected measure of pride and here we learn other aspects of their lives that help put life into perspective. This group of individuals offers their thoughts of what makes them most proud either at or away from the office.

The VERBATIM column poses open-ended questions to a few of our colleagues. Adopted from a familiar “Heard on the Street” format, we offer our responders a chance to reply via e-mail. Their personal thoughts below are in response to the question posed above. These are their replies reported verbatim.



This is a tough one for me as I’m not very good at tooting my own horn. When I’m passionate about something I’m not afraid of standing up for what’s right, fair and just, but I guess my answer would have to be this…“ I’m still standing”! I know this has been a common lane for me in some of these answers but September 2010 changed and defined my life, my future. Jimmy, my late husband and the commander of this ship passed away ten years, three months, seven days and 12 hours ago (not that I keep track) and I’m still here. Literally knowing nothing about the Propane industry or running a business for that matter, I’m still standing. It’s been 10 years of learning all I can and putting an excellent support team in place. Going from just putting one foot in front of the other to being honored to serve on a couple of our industry boards. Moving from fear of running the business, wondering what will tomorrow bring, to a love for this industry and the people we serve. I’m proud of the person I have become, never thinking or believing I had this inner strength I have found.

Today I will tell you, I have been Broken and Blessed.

Judy Taranovich

Proctor Gas

Proctor, Vt.


My family makes me most proud. My family represents my whole life from the time Nancy and I met to our last grandchild. My family, and their families, is one of the accomplishments that will remain after my life on earth is finished. My family provides motivation to succeed in all my activities and to experience love which really is the best guide in life.

Gary France

France Propane Service

Schofield, Wis.


The one thing I am most proud of is my involvement in the propane industry.  Through the years I have volunteered with the Ohio Propane Gas Association, the Midwest Convention, the NPGF [National Propane Gas Foundation] Scholarship Committee, and Propane Days.  While the work for these various organizations has been very rewarding, I have received something even more valuable in return.  We have made so many lifelong friendships with wonderful people all across the country in this industry.  By taking the opportunity to get involved, I have gained far more than I have given.

Rosie Buschur

McMahan’s Bottle Gas

Dayton, Ohio


Independent, happy, compassionate children.

Laurie Irish-Jones

Irish Propane

Buffalo, N.Y.


I am most proud of overcoming the adversity I faced in my young life. It was not easy to get over my childhood traumas, but I found the courage and tenacity to pursue my dreams. I studied hard, put myself through school, ran a marathon, started a business, have a successful career and a loving family. It hasn’t always been easy, but I pushed through and stayed committed to my goals year after year. I’m proud to be at this point in my life and I realize every struggle I overcame just helped me get to a better version of myself.  There’s no stopping now.

Hayley Karicofe


Churchville, Va.


As we start 2021, I am proud of our success in 2020. At work we survived, we adjusted, we maintained our company culture, we learned how to do our jobs differently and, in some instances, better than before. At home we survived, we adjusted, we taught 3 different grades, and had a new baby, we made so many meals and did more dishes and laundry than I thought possible. Our kids started and stopped and started again and stopped again all the things they love most, they figured out new ways to participate in school and extracurricular activities. I am proudest of how everyone stuck together as a team and continued to adapt to the constant challenges we have and continue to face.

Lauren Clark

Bergquist, Inc.

Toledo, Ohio


I am extremely proud of my family. From my children, to my wife, to my parents and to my extended family, everyone is loving, thoughtful, helpful and responsible. We aren’t perfect, but we love each other and that is what really matters.

Jason Soulon

Westmor Industries

Shawnee, Kan.



We all have reasons to be proud of something in our lives—overcoming struggles, personal or professional achievements, areas of reflection that allow us to appreciate who we are as individuals. To underscore this subject, I offer this quote by Abraham Lincoln: “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.”


Nancy Coop, Cetane Associates


This column was first published in the February 2021 issue of Butane-Propane News.

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We were very pleased to have such a knowledgeable and experienced company in our corner with the team at Cetane. It was obvious that they knew the best process and how to get the ball over the goal line. Their advice throughout the process was greatly appreciated and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

— Steve Lombardi, Brodeur’s Oil, Moosup, CT